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Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis

However, adults diagnosed with cystic fibrosis are more likely to have atypical symptoms, such as recurring bouts of inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis), infertility and recurring pneumonia.The thick and sticky mucus associated with cystic fibrosis clogs the tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs.Parents often can taste the salt when they kiss their children.Most of the other signs and symptoms of cystic fibrosis affect the respiratory system and digestive system.

In cystic fibrosis, a defect (mutation) in a gene changes a protein that regulates the movement of salt in and out of cells.If children inherit only one copy, they won't develop cystic fibrosis.However, they will be carriers and possibly pass the gene to their own children.Cystic fibrosis signs and symptoms vary, depending on the severity of the disease.Even in the same person, symptoms may worsen or improve as time passes.

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Other signs include coughing up blood hemoptysis, high blood pressure in the lung pulmonary. The lungs of individuals with cystic fibrosis are. 
02-Oct-2018 06:40
Coughing up blood is nearly always a symptom of a disease. or strong cough, this can irritate the airways and potentially cause them to cough up blood. 
02-Oct-2018 06:43
Cystic Fibrosis. pounding your chest and back over and over with your hands or a device to loosen the mucus from your lungs so that you can cough it up. 
02-Oct-2018 06:47

Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis introduction

Cystic fibrosis dating another person with cystic fibrosis

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