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Dynamic lookup cache not updating

But your data warehouse table stores the history (may be in the form of SCDType-II).There is a map that loads your data warehouse table from the source table.When the Integration Service creates the dynamic lookup cache, it tracks the range ofvalues in the cache associated with any port using a sequence ID and itgenerates a key for the port by incrementing the greatest sequence ID existingvalue by one, when the inserting a new row of data into the cache.Whenthe Integration Service reaches the maximum number for a generated sequence ID,it starts over at one and increments each sequence ID by one until it reachesthe smallest existing value minus one.The Designer only enables this property for lookup/output ports when theport is not used in the lookup condition.We can improve performance byignoring some ports during comparison.

Whenwe choose to ignore NULLs, we must verify that we output the same values to thetarget that the Integration Service writes to the lookup cache.

The Integration Service uses the data inthe associated port to insert or update rows in the lookup cache.

The Designerassociates the input/output ports with the lookup/output ports used in thelookup condition.

We can Configure the mapping based on the value we want the Integration Service tooutput from the lookup/output ports when it updates a row in the cache, so thatlookup cache and the target table might not become unsynchronized.

Itcompares the values to determine whether or not to update the row in the lookupcache.

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In Dynamic Cache we can insert or update rows in the cache when we pass the rows. The Integration Service dynamically inserts or updates data in the lookup cache and passes the data to the target. 
03-Jun-2019 17:12
Whileusing a dynamic lookup cache, we must associate each lookup/output port with aninput/output port or a sequence ID. The Integration Service uses the data inthe associated port to insert or update rows in the lookup cache. 
03-Jun-2019 17:17
But when I run the mapping again, The informatica is taking the old value from the dynamic cache and not the updated makes both the target table and the Dynamic lookup cache not in sync. 
03-Jun-2019 17:22
A dynamic lookup cache is updated whenever a lookup is done to it. The Integration Service will alter the cache if necessary when it is processing a Lookup transformation that has dynamic caching enabled. 
03-Jun-2019 17:26
Informatica Dynamic Lookup Cache A LookUp cache does not change its data once built. But what if the underlying table upon which lookup was done changes the data after the lookup cache is created?   0 = Integration Service does not update or insert the row in the cache. 
03-Jun-2019 17:31
When i run my debugger the dynamic lookup cache is not updating and it is showing me still null value for the acct_id_nbr in the lookup cache. i have my only one associated port in my lookup which are lookup ports.condition is 
03-Jun-2019 17:34
Once you have configured your lookup to use dynamic cache we will see below how to do that, when Integration Service reads a row from the source, it updates the lookup cache by performing one of the following actions 
03-Jun-2019 17:39
Use a dynamic lookup cache when you need to insert and update rows in the Lookup transformation uses a dynamic lookup cache. When the session starts, the Integration Service builds the lookup cache from a Customer_List table. 
03-Jun-2019 17:43

Dynamic lookup cache not updating introduction

Dynamic lookup cache not updating