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Democratic Congressional leaders and President Barack Obama had the United States Treasury take control of General Motors while paying existing shareholders 22 cents on the dollar for their investment and claims, and not demanding any meaningful concessions from the labor unions to bring wages more in line with a competitive world standard.The Bush administration undertook a program in which it took control of several of the largest financial institutions and government sponsored entities (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG insurance) at the heart of the crisis, forced mergers of others, purchased 5 billion of ownership in the 9 largest banks in the U.Companies could not borrow money for expansion or in some cases for routine operations, and had to cut back.Consumer spending fell and unemployment rose sharply.For the effects on the broader economy (outside of finance and autos) see Recession of 2008. Paper losses for owners of stock in major financial institution were over 70%, and owners of some have lost 99% as major banks closed down.The crisis originated with government-backed home loan guarantees in the United States, and has impacted every country in the world. The stock market declined 50-70% in major countries and pension funds have large paper losses. Meanwhile, Europe's sovereign debt crisis continued to deteriorate, as trillions of dollars in losses accumulated there and in many other countries.The Financial Crisis of 2008 was a global financial crisis that is the worst the world has seen since 1933 with the Great Depression. The National Bureau of Economic Research The crisis has caused the Recession of 2008, which reached bottom in summer 2009, causing a worldwide economic decline that is the most severe since the 1930s.

That plunge eased pump prices, helped commuters, and the airline industry.Banks and financial companies reported losses of over one trillion dollars; investors suffered "paper losses" of many trillions. Paper losses in real estate have been in the trillions; the average price of American houses fell 20%, with 30% and higher declines in California and Florida. corporations have paper losses of trillion in 2008, dropping to trillion in October from trillion in late 2007. International agencies such as the International Monetary Fund are giving guidance for medium-sized countries, like Pakistan and Ukraine.However, thus far ordinary depositors with cash in the bank have suffered no losses. In late September the crisis focused on liquidity—financial companies owned hundreds of billions of dollars of "toxic" real estate assets, mostly based on U. Fannie Mae-backed mortgages; they could not sell the toxic securities because no one knew how much they were worth, and large scale loans between major institutions stopped flowing as the system lost liquidity and froze up. In the panic, people around the world sent their money to the U. and Japan because the banks there are more tightly regulated and considered safer than their own banks.Despite widespread misunderstanding they did not cause the great crisis since CRA loans to poor neighborhoods comprised only about 6% of the toxic mortgages."Option adjustable rate mortgages" (nicknamed "Pick-A-Pay") allowed borrowers to vary their monthly payments; they could be so so small they did not cover their interest charges.

That meant the total principal grows over time, compared to normal mortgages where the debt owed shrinks over 30 years to zero and the borrower owns the house free and clear.

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Financial reason dating

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