Gtk progress bar not updating

The return value is a reference to the text, not a copy of it, so will become invalid if you change the text in the progress bar.

Returns: text, or %NULL; this string is owned by the widget and should not be modified or freed.

The progress-bar can be used in two different modes: percentage mode and activity mode.

When an application can determine how much work needs to take place (e.g.

When an application has no accurate way of knowing the amount of work to do, it can use the #Gtk Progress Bar in activity mode, which shows activity by a block moving back and forth within the progress area.

Each call to gtk_progress_bar_pulse() causes the block to move by a little bit (the amount of movement per Sets whether the progress bar will show text next to the bar.

The shown text is either the value of the #Gtk Progress Bar:text property or, if that is %NULL, the #Gtk Progress Bar:fraction value, as a percentage.

Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. Everytime this 'Start Remove' class is called, it's supposed to popup a progress bar with some other labels. class Start Remove: def callback(self, widget, data): if (data == "stop"): print data def __init__(self): global filelist, message, numaffected if (recrusive == False): findcommand = "-maxdepth 1 " else: findcommand = "" filelist = os.popen('find "' directory '" ' findcommand '-name *.mp3 | sort').read() filelist = filelist.splitlines() numfiles = len(filelist) if (numfiles == 0): message = "No .mp3 Files Were Found In:\n" directory Error Box() else: self.window = gtk. WINDOW_TOPLEVEL) self.window.set_title("IH8id3 - Progress") self.window.connect("destroy", self.callback, "stop") self.window.set_border_width(5) main_vbox = gtk.

The problem is: the progress bar, labels, etc., don't show up until the progress gets to 100% or progbar.set_fraction(1).

Slots: Indicates that some progress is made, but you don't know how much.

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Gtk progress bar not updating introduction

Gtk progress bar not updating