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Jennifer aniston and vince vaughn dating

If she was basically just being paid as a surrogate, why go through the charade of getting married, right? What better way to rub it in your ex's face than basically saying, "Hey, you know that guy I was spending 16-hour days with that I told you was strictly professional?Rowe told it was "to prevent some of the taboo of a child out of wedlock," because that was somehow a concern, yet the inevitable news stories about a mother trading her kids to the King of Pop was no big deal. Yeah, I'm sleeping with him now." Curiously, they took forever to confirm their relationship, and somehow managed to keep a super low public profile, rarely being photographed together despite being two of the biggest stars in the business.I can feel it inside of my heart, and I can feel your love for her.So rest assured: Me and Alex [Courtney's dad], we have absolutely no problem with you two falling in love." With her parents' approval, and "no sexual emails and no physical contact," Hutchison apparently felt it was fine to continue the romance, because those are all completely customary parameters for the start of a normal relationship.Holmes' pregnancy was announced four months after the proposal, and they wed approximately one year after that in an Italian castle.Shrouded in Scientology secrecy, their marriage was plagued with bizarre rumors, including the possibility that their daughter, Suri, was actually church founder L.Ron Hubbard's biological child, conceived using his frozen sperm.

Here's a list of some of the most obvious (at least in our humble opinion) fake Hollywood couples.

Even the strongest of Hollywood couples can struggle to go the distance.

Between all the gossip and the harsh glare of the spotlight, mundane problems can be perceived as scandalous, which can easily take a toll on a relationship.

It appears even though they seem like a totally fake couple, they're definitely cut from the same controversial cloth.

Not that it matters, but they're apparently back together, which is a storyline they can sell to the only medium that's been interested in hiring them lately—reality TV shows on unknown outlets.

But Cruise wasn't the only one prone to excessive displays of infatuation, which let's be honest, are usually a cover-up for interview that took place soon after their engagement—and during which she was accompanied by her Scientology chaperone—Holmes gushed about her fiancé. He's so generous and kind, and he helps so many people, and, um, he makes me laugh like I've never laughed, and he's a great friend," she said.

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Jennifer aniston and vince vaughn dating introduction

Jennifer aniston and vince vaughn dating

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