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When the smoke cleared, Ornn’s followers at the base of his mountain were no more than charred bodies in a smoldering village, destroyed in a battle meant for the demigods. Some Freljordians believe he died at Volibear’s paw.

Others say he still lives under the volcano, either maintaining the molten fires of the earth or crafting a super weapon.

What he saw in the flames was a powerful catalyst of change, much like himself.

Blessed with the power of fire and armed with his own flare for creation (and destruction), Ornn became the most legendary blacksmith in Runeterra.

When Ornn’s brother Volibear demanded Ornn forge weapons for Voli’s own brutish followers, Ornn refused.and the champion trapped in between became the malleable metal.Since Ornn is League’s first blacksmith champion, there were a lot of ways to approach his gameplay design.Most of what is known about Ornn comes from ancient Freljordian stories passed down across generations.Much has been forgotten, but surviving tales tell of a demigod who was born ready to tackle the world.

“Ornn has a much more humanistic approach for how gods should interact with people,” says narrative writer Matthew “Faux Schizzle” Dunn, “and he didn’t want to be a part of Volibear’s warmongering.” But Volibear wasn’t really the kind of demigod to take no for an answer. For eight days, lightning streaked across the sky and lava spewed from the once-quiet volcano.

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Reddit rss feed not updating

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