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For example, being single might make unsociable working hours more feasible, whereas having a family may mean you're in a more stable situation and likely to be loyal to the company.The employer is forbidden from making a decision based on these factors by the Equality Act, but there's no harm in putting yourself in a positive light. However, it is no longer necessary since the Equality Act of 2010 makes age discrimination illegal in the recruitment process.How would you like me spending my time over the next week?(Or, if it would be easier on you, I’d be glad to see if I can help Jane or Fergus until you have time to get me started — just let me know if you’d rather I do that.)” If there are other people in your office who are at your level or just above it, you might also ask them if they have advice for how to handle this stage of things. I’ve applied to a few places through online websites and received an email from one site explaining that they offer free “critiques” of resumes to assist in their site users’ success.The above act also prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, or nationality (including citizenship, ethnicity or national origin).As long as you are either a native to the country in which you are applying or can provide a suitable working visa, there is no need to tell them where you are from.If you are going for a web design role, you may want to direct them to a website you have created.

And double check you've got the right number on there!

Divert attention to your skills rather than your tenure by listing dates on the right side of your resume instead of the left, says Ms. Under the list of responsibilities, create a section listing each employer, title and start and end dates in reverse chronological order, says Ms.

I am a recent graduate who has just started my first job.

You don't have to include details about your marital status or information about whether you have a family or not.

However, you can if you think your status will make your application become more attractive.

They might have some insight into how long it usually takes your manager to get her act together with new employees, or about why it’s taking her a while in this case (for example, if she’s preoccupied with, say, an upcoming board meeting for the next two weeks, that could be useful to know). I didn’t even realize that it wasn’t one of the sites that I submitted my resume to but didn’t care because it was at no cost or effort to me, and nobody’s resume is perfect so bring on the critique, I love getting better through advice.

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Provide a collective start and end date for the previous employment section, instead of start and end dates for each job, says Mr. Bartz. “The eye only sees one date and it reduces the sense of job hopping,” he says. List the company and title for each position followed by one or two sentences about your role. 3. Create. 
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Resume for starting data dating company introduction

Resume for starting data dating company

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