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South and central america dating

They reached Tierra del Fuego in approximately 6000 , after passing through the bottleneck of Central America, dispersing in the rugged terrain of the northern Andes, following the resource-laden Caribbean coastline eastward, and filtering southward through the tropical lowlands now making up part of In South America, native language families encompassed large blocks of territory and numerous societies.They cut across different cultural and social types and are found represented in different geographical and environmental surroundings.Languages may be grouped in many ways, but the major language groupings or families of South America may be conveniently divided into the Macro- In the 1500s, the central Andes, the area of greatest population density in South America (about 10 persons per square mile), was sparsely populated compared to centres of Old World civilization.Yet its population of approximately 3,500,000, crowded into narrow coastal valleys and small highland basins on approximately 1 percent of Peru’s total land area, constituted a much higher density than could be found in any other part of South America.The population density of the central Andes was about 200 times greater than that of the hunters and gatherers, 20 times greater than that of the tropical-forest farmers, and 30 to 40 percent greater than that of the Araucanians and the chiefdoms of the northern Andes and the circum-Caribbean.Human life-forms did not evolve in the New World, despite certain claims to the contrary which have never been taken seriously by most scholars.

The record does not show any significant cultural influence on this development from transpacific contacts.The chiefdoms of the northern Andes, northern Venezuela, and the Antilles had an estimated total population of 1,900,000, with densities ranging from 6.6 to 1.1 persons per square mile (2.5 to 0.4 persons per square kilometre).The southern Andes was inhabited by the Araucanians, whose combined population was possibly 1,131,000, with a density range of 0.38 to seven persons per square mile.Archaeological evidence demonstrates that South America was occupied by early man at least 10,000 years ago, ample time for high civilizations to have evolved in the central Andes and for ecological adjustments to have been worked out elsewhere on the continent.Scientific dating techniques establish that agricultural societies flourished.

These environmental relationships are mediated by the systems of technology that the people use to exploit their resources.

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South and central america dating introduction

South and central america dating

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